Launched in 2000, EcoHomes soon became mandatory for social housing in 2003 of which a ‘Good’ rating was shortly replaced in 2005 by a ‘Very Good’ rating.  Over 200,000 homes have been certified since its launch. In April 2007 the Government's scheme, the Code for Sustainable Homes replaced EcoHomes for the assessment of ‘new’ housing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Note : Go to for information on our work to develop a new standard for sustainable housing in the UK


EcoHomes Announcement for ‘New Build’ only

Due to the introduction of the Code in April 2007, the EcoHomes scheme for 'new build'   expired on the 8th of April 2012 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The above does not apply to EcoHomes 2006 New Build assessments in Scotland. EcoHomes is still a valid / current scheme for projects registered there. Therefore, anybody wishing to continue building to the expired EcoHomes standard due to either planning or funding requirements should take into consideration the following:

  • Any EcoHomes 2006 project registered prior to 8th of April 2012, but submitted after this expiry date – will receive a certificate with a disclaimer stating that the certificate is issued against an expired scheme.
  • Any EcoHomes 2006 project registered after the 8th of April 2012 (due to planning or funding requirements) will not receive a certificate, but will instead be issued a letter of compliance.  A new fee structure has been put in place for this service..

EcoHomes used for ‘Refurbishment’

A refurbishment project can still be registered under EcoHomes provided there is evidence of a suitable contractual requirement*.  In the event that no evidence can be provided, the BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment scheme will be specified instead. Any EcoHomes registrations and assessments submitted will only be issued with a letter of compliance in-lieu of a formal performance certificate.

* Please contact our licensing department to discuss acceptable evidence types.

EcoHomes Pre-Assessment Estimator

The Ecohomes Pre-Assessment Estimator can be used to understand the issues covered by an EcoHomes rating and to see the level of information required by an Assessor.  To download a copy of the Pre-Assessment Estimator, go to the right hand navigation panel of this webpage and follow the pre-assessment hyperlink.

EcoHomes XB

EcoHomesXB is also available as a voluntary stock management tool for housing portfolio owners to measure the performance of their whole stock. Please refer to the EcoHomesXB webpage for further information. If you require any further information regarding the new build expiry and the replacement Code for Sustainable Homes scheme, please either contact your EcoHomes or Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor.  Alternatively, you can email the BREEAM office at or telephone 01923 664462.

N.B. Projects outside of the UK should continue to use BREEAM International Bespoke.