Value of green buildings

RICS Research - March 2012

A Maastricht University report1 published by RICS Research in March 2012 studied the effect of BREEAM certification on office buildings in London, over a period from 2000-2009. It demonstrated that:

  • There is a positive gentrification effect for neighbourhoods with BREEAM certified buildings in them, around 1.5 to 6 percent, for rents and transactions, respectively.
  • There are positive premiums for rents and transactions prices for BREEAM certified buildings. Rents are 21% higher and transactions are 18% higher2. This reflects what happens when BREEAM buildings start to cluster.
  • These premiums are typically higher than those shown for a similar study of US cities with a standardized third party building quality measure. BREEAM buildings tend to be high quality buildings. Future studies that can distinguish between what constitutes high quality and BREEAM may find lower premiums

Notes 1 ‘Supply, Demand and the Value of Green Buildings’ Chegut A, Eicholtz P, Kok N, published by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, March 2012. premiums are arrived at after controlling for hedonics, competition, location and macro-economic conditions.

The Value of BREEAM – September 2012

A research report commissioned by Schneider Electric and put together by BSRIA provides a new insight into the value of green buildings and BREEAM certification. The report concluded that over 96% of clients would use BREEAM again.

Click here to download "The Value of BREEAM, a BSRIA Report in association with Schneider Electric".