Code for a Sustainable Built Environment

In 2010, BRE Global positioned BREEAM within an overall framework for the environmental, social and economic assessment of the built environment known as the Code for a Sustainable Built Environment.

The new framework allows us to apply the principles of robust science and independence, that have always underpinned BREEAM, to drive sustainability across the built environment and on a global scale. A key feature of the framework is the ability to allow organisations in other countries to adapt BREEAM to their local context and affiliate their processes, products and tools with BREEAM across all life cycle stages of buildings and infrastructure. At the same time, it ensures that the key underpinning standards are applied consistently but in a market focused way.

The international Code for a Sustainable Built Environment is a strategic framework for sustainability assessment. At the highest level the Code itself forms a vision statement for a sustainable built environment. The Code is then interpreted through a Core Technical Standard and a Core Process Standard, both supported by Core Science (see diagram below).

The BREEAM Core Standards interpret the Code as two separate but linked documents, one focusing on technical and the other on process/operational requirements. These documents list the requirements that a Scheme Operator must comply with in order to be affiliated with BREEAM.

BRE Global owns the Code and the Core Standards and licenses other Scheme Operators under the BREEAM Standards. By signing a Framework Agreement with BRE Global, assessment schemes can become affiliated with the BREEAM Standards and achieve international recognition, brand association and comparability with other BREEAM schemes.

Schemes are owned and developed by a Scheme Operator; for example BRE Global is the Scheme Operator for UK (BREEAM UK), the Dutch Green Building Council is the Scheme Operator for the Netherlands (BREEAM NL) etc. Schemes may vary in format to meet the needs of their specific market, as long as they comply with the requirements established in the BREEAM Standards.

If you wish to know more or learn about becoming affiliated to BREEAM please contact the BREEAM Helpdesk.


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