BREEAM International Refurbishment & Fit-Out

BREEAM International Refurbishment and Fit-out 2015 is now LIVE!

Following the consultation on the draft scheme, the final BREEAM International Refurbishment and Fit-out 2015 (BREEAM International RFO) scheme is now live.  See here for the technical manual and you can also access the online pre-assessment estimator by creating a project on BREEAM Projects

How to use the new scheme

Registration: Licensed International New Construction Assessors can register projects on

Pre-assessments: pre-assessments can now be conducted online using BREEAM projects, our new online platform for BREEAM  The pre-assessment tool is accessible to all, free of charge.  It includes the energy tool as well as detailed pdf report outputs and graphs giving you a breakdown of how your project performs.

Technical manual: the technical manual can be found here.

Online reporting tool: the reporting tool is available for registered projects on  This can be accessed by licensed assessors once a project has been formally registered.

About the scheme

BREEAM International RFO provides a tailored version for assessing refurbishment and fit-out projects around the world, in countries where a BREEAM National Scheme Operator (NSO) is not currently operating.  See here for a full list of existing BREEAM NSO’s.  The scheme allows a broad range of building types to be assessed including offices, retail, industrial, schools, universities, hotels and other short stay accommodation, with other buildings being able to be assessed using BREEAM International Bespoke.

The scheme has a modular approach with four assessment parts (see Figure 1).  Part One deals with the building fabric and structure, Part Two is concerned with core services (e.g. centralised M&E plant), Part Three deals with local services and Part Four with interior design. Refurbishment and fit-out projects can be assessed against one or all of the four parts, or any combination, depending on which are relevant to a particular project.

Previous versions

Prior to the go live of the BREEAM International Refurbishment and Fit-out 2015 scheme, refurbishment and fit-out projects were assessed against the BREEAM International New Construction 2013BREEAM Europe Commercial 2009 or BREEAM International Bespoke 2010 schemes. The cut-off date for registering refurbishment and fit-out projects against these versions is 15th September 2015.  This is with the exception of projects that have a contractual/planning requirement to use a previous version.

Please contact a licensed BREEAM International Assessor for further guidance on the appropriate scheme. You can find a BREEAM International Assessor on GreenBookLive. If you would like to rate the operational performance of an existing building or portfolio of buildings, you can use BREEAM In-Use International.


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