BREEAM UK Communities

BREEAM Communities is an assessment method that provides a way to improve, measure and certify the social, environmental and economic sustainability of large scale development plans by integrating sustainable design into the masterplanning process.

  • The assessment process takes place during the design and planning stages, also referred to as masterplanning. It provides a framework for the developer, local authority and master planning professionals to work with, ensuring that sustainability is considered at the earliest stages – where the potential to achieve cost effective benefits are greatest.
  • For UK assessments, the scheme has been designed to align with the current UK planning process, with all core planning principles found within national planning policy.
  • For international projects, a bespoke process is used, through which the scheme is adapted to reflect the local context.
  • The scheme offers independent third party certification. It provides a simple, flexible and non-prescriptive approach. This flexibility sets the scheme apart from other rating and certification options.

BREEAM Communities can also be applied internationally through a simple bespoke international process, where the flexibility of the scheme allows the assessment process to be adapted to your specific context. More information can be found here

“BREEAM Communities is about developers and planners working together to achieve the most sustainable outcomes for major sites. It’s a solution to help move projects through the planning system and should be welcomed by everyone with an interest in securing sustainable communities” Sean Nicholson, Technical Director, WSP.

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Click here for a copy of the BREEAM Communities Technical Manual.

See our Introduction to BREEAM Communities 2012 video below

In November 2013 WSP held an event to discuss and showcase experiences of using the BREEAM Communities scheme. We heard from BRE Global, developers and local authorities about the benefits of using the scheme and how it has had a positive impact on site sustainability and for all stakeholders involved in the masterplanning process.