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BREEAM Communities is an assessment method that helps professionals design places that people want to live and work in, are good for the environment and are economically successful.

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Updated in 2012, BREEAM Communities is now simpler, less prescriptive, and better aligned with the planning process.

The scheme can also be applied internationally through a simple bespoke international process. For more information see the BREEAM Communities Bespoke International web page.

Watch a video
Get a brief overview of the scheme and its benefits or learn more about its use on two projects in Malmo, Sweden.
Watch the 'Introduction to BREEAM Communities' video.
Watch the 'Experiences of using BREEAM Communities' video

Read about the benefits
Learn about the key benefits for developers, local authorities and masterplanning professionals in this introductory brochure to BREEAM Communities.

Attend a training session
Regular courses are available to give you a full understanding of BREEAM Communities. These one-day (free of charge) overview sessions are ideal for planners, developers or consultants who need to know how the scheme is used to add value on large developments.

View the technical manual
The latest version of the technical manual is freely available online.


A wide range of FAQs relating to BREEAM Communities training and the use and operation of the scheme can be download here. For further queries please e-mail

Register your project

BREEAM Communities 2012 is open for registrations from around the world; simply contact a BREEAM Communities assessor to use the scheme on your project. Licensed assessors are listed on GreenBookLive.

Train to become an assessor

Become a qualified BREEAM Communities assessor for projects worldwide with our three-day new assessor training course.