BREEAM In-Use is a scheme to help building managers, investors, owners and occupiers reduce the running costs and improve the environmental performance of existing non-domestic buildings. It consists of a standard, user friendly assessment methodology and an independent certification process that provides a clear and credible route map to improving sustainability credentials of existing buildings.

The photographs above represent some of the assets that have been certified against the BREEAM In-Use scheme. Left to right 10-11 Downing Street – UK Cabinet Office, The Hive - Schneider Electric, Hantverkargatan 1 - Fastighetskontoret / City of Stockholm (photograph courtesy of Lennart Johansson, City of Stockholm)

The quantity of existing non-domestic buildings, potential impacts and financial incentives confirm the need for robust and credible ways of consistently measuring and reporting on the impacts of the existing built environment. Without imposing major burdens for data collection surveying and auditing which can be costly and time consuming.

BREEAM In-Use International is the most widely used assessment scheme for existing buildings in Europe; this was highlighted in the recent ‘Going for Green’ article published by RICs. The BREEAM In-Use scheme can be used to assess assets worldwide and has already been used in over 25 countries (see map below, the areas in green highlight the countries that have had BREEAM In-Use International Assessments):

Global uptake of BREEAM In-Use registered organisations:


BREEAM In-Use provides the opportunity to:

    • Reduce the overall operational costs of an asset
    • Optimise an asset’s overall environmental performance
    • View the overall performance of a portfolio of assets
    • Create benchmarks for improvement
    • Optimise the environmental performance of existing management systems
    • Enhance the value and marketability of property assets
    • Provide a vehicle to evaluate and improve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    • Independent verification
    • Enhanced internal review and auditing processes
    • Rationalise property and management metrics
    • Provide a transparent platform for landlords, owners and tenants to identify and negotiate building improvements
    • Facilitate engagement with staff in the identification of productivity improvements and sustainable business practices
    • Manage risks of:
      - Environmental habits
      - Loss of productivity
      - Property declaration
      - Loss of image
    • BREEAM In-Use has been developed to align with best practice guidelines and standards. Where specific standards have been identified to be best practice, such as ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, meeting those standards would assist in achieving the maximum number of credits within the respective criteria.


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Please click on the play icon below to view the BREEAM In-Use introductory video:


A selection of clients who have certified their assets under BREEAM In-Use: