BREEAM UK Non-Domestic Refurbishment and Fit-Out

At the present time projects currently seeking certification can use either:

  • BREEAM 2008 for fit-out and refurbishment or;
  • BREEAM New Construction 2011 for major refurbishment.

For further details of the BREEAM 2008 or BREEAM New Construction 2011 schemes see here. If you would like to rate the In-Use performance of an existing building or portfolio of buildings, you can use BREEAM In-Use.  See here for further information. New - download statistics on BREEAM Refurbishment using the download on the right.  This includes average BREEAM ratings, average category scores and building types.

Coming Soon - BREEAM UK Non-Domestic Refurbishment and Fit-Out 2014

Traditionally BREEAM has included refurbishment, fit-out and new build assessments as part of the same methodology and scheme as is the case with BREEAM 2008.  BRE Global is currently developing a new standalone scheme for assessment of non-domestic building refurbishment entitled ‘BREEAM UK Non-Domestic Refurbishment and Fit-Out 2014’.  The new scheme will provide a number of benefits including:

  • Get ahead of your competition and showcase industry best practice
  • Save operating costs
  • Minimise water use, CO2 emissions and waste arisings
  • Enhance occupant comfort and increase productivity

One of the key aspects of the new BREEAM UK Refurbishment and Fit-out scheme is its flexible structure.  The scheme will be structured into 4 modules, referred to as Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.  This will allow projects to be assessed against the parts that are relevant to the type of project, allowing a much broader range of refurbishment and fit-out schemes to be assessed under BREEAM.

A full refurbishment project may be assessed against all 4 parts, however an internal fit-out, where no work is being made to the fabric or services, can be assessed against just Part 4: interior design. Assessments can however be carried out using any combination of parts as relevant to the project.  The following table highlights example project types and the parts that are likely to be applicable.  Further details will be provided once the draft technical manual is published this Summer.

Project Type

Part 1:

Fabric & Structure

Part 2:

Core Services

Part 3:

Local Services

Part 4:

Interior Design

Full refurbishment


Yes Yes Yes
Shell & Core Refurbishment to Cat A


Cat B Fit-Out


  Yes Yes
Interior refresh


Upgrade of central services




As with all BREEAM schemes, projects assessed under the scheme can receive a BREEAM rating from ‘Pass’ to ‘Outstanding’.  The rating indicates what has been achieved by the project based on the scope of works and % score achieved.  The certificate will indicate the parts that have or have not been assessed along with the number of relevant credits assessed.  This ensures that the scheme does not penalise projects for what may be outside of the projects control, yet also provides comparable performance across the property market and between competitors. The following illustrates the broad scope of what is assessed under Parts 1 - 4, with full details to be provided once the final manual is published.