Lower Derby Road, Portsmouth - Pilot

About the building

This three bedroom, end-of-terrace house in Portsmouth’s Lower Derby Road, is typical of thousands of properties built in the Portsmouth area in the early 1900s.

The property was in a poor state of repair and, as part of a programme of refurbishment, the opportunity was taken to significantly reduce carbon emissions and to enhance overall sustainability.

Improvements to the property include: DPC injection, insulation, new windows, a new kitchen and bathroom, a partial rewire, new joinery, a new heating system, and making good and decorating.

Further information

Key facts

  • BREEAM rating: Excellent
  • Score: 76.71%
  • House Type: End terrace
  • Size: 72m2
  • Stage: Design Stage Certified
  • BREEAM version: Domestic Refurbishment

Overview of environmental features

The building’s key environmental features include:

  • Solar thermal system
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) system
  • Flood Resilience strategy
  • Low water usage
  • Ecological enhancements

The BREEAM assessment

The scheme achieved maximum credits in the Water, Pollution, Management and Ecology categories.

Building services

Heating and hot water is provided by a gas combi boiler in conjunction with a solar thermal panel.

Green strategy

  • A 70% reduction in carbon emissions was achieved through insulation, good levels of air tightness and the use of solar energy.
  • The Energy Efficiency Rating band improved from E to C.
  • Responsibly sourced building materials were specified.

Project team details

  • Developer: PMC Construction & Development Services Ltd
  • Architect: RBA Architects
  • Assessor: Claire Westron, Rund Partnership Ltd

Claire Westron of Rund Partnership Ltd said:

“Using the BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment assessment method was a useful way of weighing up options for improving the dwelling. The package of measures chosen offered the most cost effective way of significantly reducing carbon emissions.”        



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