How to get an assessment

If you are client wanting to commission a BREEAM assessment, download the document to the right of this page which provides a simple guide to obtaining a BREEAM rating.

Essentially this involves a few simple stages:

1 Decide which scheme applies

For the planning stage of communities – BREEAM Communities

For the design and construction of new buildings (non-domestic) – BREEAM New Construction 2011  

For the design and construction of domestic buildings – Code for Sustainable Homes

For an in-use assessment of an existing building – BREEAM In-Use

For refurbishment and renovation – BREEAM UK Refurbishment & BREEAM International Refurbishment & Fit-Out

2 Contact a licensed BREEAM Assessor or BREEAM In-Use Auditor

You can search for these on GreenBookLive

Your Assessor or Auditor will then take you through the remaining steps or registering for an assessment, getting certified and having your building listed on GreenBookLive.

See the document available for download on this page for more information

Also see the further information listed in the menu on the left of this page for information on who requires or specifies BREEAM, how BREEAM is often used in the planning process and how ‘greener’ buildings are starting to demonstrate value.

Want to train to be a BREEAM Assessor or BREEAM In-Use Auditor?

Go to our training pages for further information.


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